Reliable Service Providers for Airlines

MSN AIR SERVICE, INC provides the best-in-class airline cargo services at JFK International Airport, NY. Our vision to be your single source cargo handling provider continually drives us to enhance key performance areas such as service, quality, safety, and reliability.

What We Offer

  • Full communications capability
  • Hi-speed computer access
  • Federally mandated AMS Computerized Customs Clearance System
  • HAZMAT certified staff
  • Federal bonded warehouse facility under U.S. Customs supervision
  • Cold Storage facilities on site
  • TSA cargo security screening procedure
  • Exclusive use of safe for high valued (critical) items
  • Security cage use for sensitive shipments
  • 24 hour CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) with 30 days recording
  • Security guard service on-site (warehouse)
  • Transport / Drayage of cargo to/from aircraft side
  • Transport/Drayage of post office mail to/from aircraft side or warehouse
  • Handling/scanning of mail inside the post office
  • Aircraft Loading/Unloading

Advanced Equipment

All cargo security screening is conducted following TSA security mandates. Our system is enhanced with Smith Detection (ETD) IONSCAN 500DT Screening Machine and an Astrophysics XIS 1517DV X-Ray Screening Machine.

Our management team and employees are currently certified under the Model Security Program Training, Cargo Security, and Risk Prevention training and awareness program of the TSA.